The time has come in America for us to stand up as citizens and ask, "What can we do for our country?"  In order to protect the values we hold so dear, we must guarantee that generations to come will embrace and uphold the one thing that sets us apart from every other nation. That one thing is the U.S. Constitution. 


To empower every 8th grader with the knowledge of their individual freedoms and their very own lasting, durable copy of the U.S. Constitution.

All across this great nation, 8th graders memorize the words and take a test, never fully understanding what the Constitution means to them and all of us living in the greatest nation on earth. Becoming a partner of the 917 Society will ensure that our beloved U.S. Constitution will become a guidebook for our youth to carry with them throughout their lives.

With a mission to impress upon students the relevance and practicality gained through an understanding of the U.S. Constitution. We offer a program to celebrate Constitution Day each September 17th FREE to our teachers and students through donations from citizens like you that care about the future of our great Country. We work all year to ensure our 8th grade students will look forward to receiving their Constitution as a "rite of passage" as they grow in citizenship in our beloved Nation and to never take it for granted. 

Join the 917 Society and help place a copy of the U.S. Constitution in the hands of our next generation and spark a fire in them to know their rights, know their voice and know their constitution.

Another Chance to Participate!

The Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791. Today, we recognize December 15 as Bill of Rights Day! Email us at and we will provide Constitutions free of charge to all 8th grade classrooms, private, public and home school!  We need your name,  total number for your school or class and your shipping address. It's that easy and thanks to our wonderful sponsors and society members, it is totally free to you and your students!




Beaman Foundation
Dr. Ming Wang

Senator Mark Green M.D.
Rural Tennessee Speaks PAC
Beth Gunter Fenley

Pamela David Needham
Harvey Durham
Ed and Joni Schmidt Hargrove
Giarratana LLC
Cindi O’Neal
James Bridges

Jim Born

TFA of Benton, Stewart and Houston Counties

Patricia Santiago

Dave Vance
Rep. Jay Reedy

We will film again on January 25th for our sponsors, so become a sponsor and show your support for our Constitution and pass patriotism on to the next generation.


Thanks to these awesome organizations and individuals we are $17,000 away form our $25,000 goal to reach 70,000 students in honor of Bill of Rights Day December 15th. We will issue a press release on December 19th in conjunction with the Professional Educators of Tennessee announcing our sponsors and supporters since Nov. 1st.