The 917 Society's goal is to impress on students the relevance and practicality gained through an understanding of the U.S. Constitution. We plan to do that in the following ways:



Our goal is to provide every 8th grader in the United States with a lasting, durable pocket version of the U.S. Constitution to carry with them as they grow in their citizenship. Each Constitution has the oath of citizenship included on the last page that teachers can use in class if they choose to create a moment to imprint on the hearts and minds of our youth their voice is important and they belong to America. 


 The 917 Society is producing short films on the importance of the U.S. Constitution to every citizen's value and rights.  The first film is narrated by Nick Clooney and made available to educators to show in their classroom the week of September 17th, in honor of Constitution Day.  Films and Videos will be produced all year and added to the website to encourage students to learn more about our Constitution.


The 917 Society is building a website that offers educational and curriculum support to teachers and provides social media integration for students to interact with each other for a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution. A resource page will be available to educators and students in August of 2017 and will be updated as more information is available.


Research shows that more 8th graders interface with information through apps than through any other medium. The 917 Society plans to leverage this by creating an app that will allow students to learn more about the U.S. Constitution and its pivotal affect on their lives.