What is the 917 Society?

The 917 Society is an organization made up of people who care about our country. Anyone can join The 917 Society and help us ensure our youth are educated and celebrate our Constitution.  We provide a lasting, durable pocket Constitution for every 8th grader in America free of charge in honor of September 17th - Constitution Day - as a "rite of passage" as they grow in citizenship. We work all year to develop videos, film and educational material to provide this annual program to honor and celebrate our Constitution and citizenship.

We the people of The 917 Society realize how vital it is to help our young people understand their rights and find their voice in the freedom the Constitution has given all Americans. Since we don't receive federal or state funds, we must rely on concerned citizens, like you, to contribute in order to offer this program to our teachers and students free of charge.

We are so grateful for all our individual and corporate donors and the support they give to help us reach our goal! 

You can join the 917 Society today for a small $25 donation that will place 10 Constitutions into the hands of our youth. Donation of $100 or more will fulfill our mission to reach as many schools and classrooms as possible.
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The 917 Society Members



FOUNDING Society Members:

  • Nick and Nina Clooney

  • Senator Mark Green

  • Lee Beaman

  • Congressman Diane Black and Dr. David Black

  • Randy Boyd

  • Joni Bryan


PATRIOT Society Members:

  • Freeman Webb Companies

  • Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter

  • Vet to Vet Tennessee

  • A.J. McCall

  • Senator Kerry and Dianne Roberts

  • Bill and Maria Lee

  • Dr. Ming Wang

  • Richard and Sharalena Miller

  • Alliance C.R.E.S.

  • Carol Hamby

  • Rob Cheplicki

  • Melissa Smithson

  • Jeffery Humble

Resolute Society Members:

  • Dr. J.J. Wendel

  • Robbin Owen

  • Jenny Boyd

  • Harvey Durham

  • Rural Tennessee Speaks PAC

  • Louie E. Johnston Jr.

  • Jack and Natalie Patterson

  • Karen and Madison Blake

  • Mae Beavers

  • June McDonald

  • Representative Jay Reedy

  • Representative David Byrd

  • Representative Jason Zachary

  • Representative Jerome Moon


917 Society Memebers:

  • Sandi Wells

  • Altrusa International of Clarksville

  • Ted Townsend

  • Ronnie Hopper

  • Scott Golden

  • Constitution Camp of Brentwood

  • Mary Powers

  • Sherry Bouldin

  • Representative Martin Daniel

  • Representative Mary Littleton

  • Representative Dwayne Thompson

  • Bobbie Blevins

  • David Winters

  • Harold and Carolyn Vann

  • Claire Ratliff

  • Barbara Jones

  • Rita Wilson

  • Willi Frank

  • Ann Trivett

  • Montgomery County Republican Women

  • Mark Charest

  • Rudy Saperstein

  • Joy Huggins

  • Wallace and Helga Redd

  • Corinthia Elder

  • Brenda Emerson Radford

  • Pamela Davis Needham

  • Patricia Santiago

  • James and Jane Poe

  • Mary MacRae

  • James Bridges

  • Cindi O'Neal

  • Dave Vance

  • Ronald Rathert

  • Larry Hillis

  • Janet Knight

  • Jason Knight

  • D.F. Chase, Inc.

  • Jason Heym

  • Tommy Vallejos

  • Representative Sheila Butt

  • Representative Terri Lynn Weaver

  • Neely Coble, III

  • Pamela and Phillip Pfeffer

  • Michael and Teresa Tuttle

  • David and Princilla Crane

  • Lt. Governor Randy McNally

  • Private Donor from Nashville, TN

  • Ann Butterworth

  • Joni Schmidt Hargrove and Ed Hargrove

  • Jim Born

  • Beth Fenley,

  • April Barrett

  • Cheatham County Republican Party

  • Bill and Theresa Jones

  • Gary Gregory

  • TN College Democrats

  • TN College Republicans

  • Steve Allbrooks

  • DAR Andrew Bogle Chapter

  • Cathy and Dennis Kolb

  • Gregory Calvin

  • Jason Pate

  • Ann Call

  • Dean Wegner

  • J. Hunter Atkins

  • Patricia McDonald

  • Wendy Wilson

  • Lee Dryer

  • Dan Meredith

  • Joe Kirkpatrick

  • Kelli Boyd

  • Davette Blalock

  • Mary Bandy