We would like to introduce you to our board members and our film producer. Our board is diverse in our views, yet our common bond is the Constitution. We encompass staying true to what our founding fathers intended in creating our nation and our system of government. We are focused on bringing to our youth a sense of honor and patriotism engrained in being American citizens. We want each young person to know their voice is important and should be heard. We want to encourage them to understand their rights and also their responsibilities that go with those rights. We hope to excite our youth with the rich heritage and intriguing history that makes us all uniquely American.





Joni Bryan - Executive Director, 917 Society

With a background in social work, teaching and non-profit work, Joni has seen the impact that inspiration can have on the trajectory of a person's life. After enduring a personal trauma and feeling voiceless due to societal pressures, she strives to impart in others that their voice is important and that each person matters and can make a difference.

When asked by a former activist in the civil rights movement  when she had last read her Constitution, she was inspired to take action and make a difference. Thus began her mission to empower our youth with a sense of ownership to the document as it belongs to all citizens. The U.S. Constitution inspired Joni to know her value and her rights. She is passionate that our youth of today appreciate and honor our Constitution and understand the relevance in their lives for the present and the future.


Jeffery Humble, MBA - Executive Vice President, 917 Society

Jeffery Humble has established himself as one of the most active and respected community volunteers in Nashville, as well as multiple surrounding states. His philanthropic involvements range from the Kentucky Junior Historical Society, Nashville CARES, Tennessee Equality Project (TEP), and Feed My People in St. Louis. Jeffery formerly served in several leadership roles and functions for the Nashville Steering Committee.

But this Louisville, Kentucky, native hasn’t forgotten about his home state, or his alma mater. During the 2016 Homecoming, Eastern Kentucky University and EKU’s International Alumni Association honored him with the Young Alumni Award. Former Kentucky Governor Steve Brashear bestowed the commission of Kentucky Colonel, a recognition of his noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to his community and home state. The Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) and The Tennessean honored Humble within their diverse group of 30 leaders in the nonprofit sector, all of whom are in their 30s, for the "30 in their 30s"Award.

Jeffery was a 2016 Finalist for the Mark Lee Taylor Community Service Award, and in May of 2017 he was awarded The Tennessee Ambassador of Goodwill by Governor Bill Haslam for representing the State of Tennessee for his exceptional talents and significant contributions for our communities. And those are only the highlights. Jeffery holds a BA in Political Science and Special Education from Eastern Kentucky University, an MBA from Bethel University, and is currently working toward a dual MicroMasters from Curtin University in Human Rights and Thunderbird School of Global Management in International Business Management.


Carol Hamby - Executive Secretary, 917 Society

Carol became concerned almost a decade ago with the direction our country was headed away from the values and principles of our founding fathers. She has family that has served in high positions in the military and knows firsthand the sacrifices they have made daily to honor their oath to protect the Constitution. She wanted to get involved to make sure our young people understand and appreciate our Constitution. Having a young granddaughter in elementary school, she is excited to work with The 917 Society to bring the Constitution to our young people and make a lasting impact on our country. 




Melissa Smithson - Director of Marketing, 917 Society

Melissa is a Nashville native and brings 20+ years of Marketing, Sales and Operation experience to our team.  Working for advocacy groups in Nashville and involved in politics, she sees first hand the lack of civics and education about our Constitution and basic government fundamentals.  Melissa served as co-chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President of Nashville, and serves on many executive boards in town.  She is passionate about being a servant to her community, education, and our national security. 






Rob Cheplicki - Executive Producer, 4Rēl Live Action + VFX Productions

Rob is an award-winning producer of video and film projects whose professional roots began in Detroit, MI. While simultaneously pursuing careers in music, radio and video production, he attended Wayne State University and later graduated from the Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

Rob has worked as the Director of Production for a large production and marketing company, as well as composing music for films and commercials, and produced multiple corporate and documentary projects of all scopes and sizes. Rob has even taught Music Supervision for Film and Television at Belmont University.

Rob's production company is dedicated to providing cinematic, Hollywood-style production and visual effects to clients in Nashville, TN and throughout the country.


Youth Advisory Board Leader

The 22-year-old president of a million dollar company, Mr. Gosselin graduated in May 2017 summa cum laude with a B.B.A. He is passionate about facilitating an America that emphasizes the UNITED States of America, setting aside party identifications, and doing what is best for the American people. With a phenomenal story of overcoming the "impossible," Brandon Gosselin is Aspiring to make sure the "impossible" can once again be achieved. Except this time, it's to help educate every 8th grade student in America the importance of our Constitution and the role it plays in their everyday life. Mr. Gosselin is excited to serve on the Advisory Board for the 917Society, as he believes the 917Society is essential to becoming the UNITED States of America. ------ Where it says, "'impossible,' Brandon Gosselin is Aspiring..." 


Brandon Gosselin

Brandon Gosselin